Stephen Ranger is Canada’s most respected and experienced auctioneer of Fine and Rare Wine. In 2002 Stephen pioneered the commercial sale of wine at auction in partnership with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. He continues in this capacity as the principle auctioneer for this hugely successful annual sale.

In addition, Stephen has been an integral part of the success of numerous charitable wine auctions including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Opera Company , Covenant House, Serve Canada and the Fisher Fund Auction for York University. In January 2011, Stephen in partnership with Iron Gate Private Wine Management held the first private estate auction of fine wine in Ontario.

Stephen is also sought after for appraisals of fine wine for estate, fair market, insurance and charitable donation purposes. Keenly aware of the international nature of the wine market, Stephen works closely with international auction houses to facilitate the sale of wine in the American and global marketplace.

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